The Mental Health Collective is now operating with the name Watercourse Counseling Center.
Please go to for news and updated agency information.

(This site will remain live but will not be updated. It does not have the most recent information about our agency and services.)

The Mental Health Collective was established in 1999 to provide affordable, respectful and meaningful mental health services to clients who, for a variety of reasons, may not have access to services. We work with general mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, life transitions, grief and loss, self-care, self-esteem and stress management. In addition to working with general mental health issues, we also help clients with issues around anger, addictions and impulse control; work conflicts; career planning; parenting and healthy development; relationships; conflict resolution; sexuality and sexual orientation; identity; and spiritual connection.

Together, we can make a difference:

Last fall, local foundations kicked off the “Give to the Max” campaign to generate support for local non-profits through On Tuesday, November 16th, we invite you to make a donation to the Mental Health Collective. Every hour, will add an additional $1000 to one donor’s contribution.

Your donation can:
* Help students overcome emotional issues that interfere with educational success
* Help support outreach services to seniors and to the immigrant community
* Help make sure that mental health services are accessible, affordable, and culturally relevant for individuals and families in our community.

You can do this by making a donation on November 16th, anytime during the day at this link, or through the widget below.

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